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(Reality Dance Competitive Teams) and  (Reality Elite Dance Company)

About Reality Dance Competitive Teams / Reality Elite Dance Company

This division includes our Reality Dance Competitive teams and our NEW Reality Elite Dance Company.

Members of the  RDCT and the REDC represent the highest artistic standards and technical proficiency that we expect from our student dancers and pre-professional members. These divisions will perform works by master choreographers and Reality Dance Studio faculty throughout the community as well as,  3 regional dance competitions (competitive teams only)  and in their very own Dance Concerts. Interested dancers must audition and or partake in the summer intensives and meet the following guidelines:

Reality Elite Dance Company  (pre professional program)

The Pre-Professional Program (Reality Elite Dance Company)  is created to fill a  local void for dancers past the age of 18 upon graduating high school.  It is designed to help bridge a gap for those attending a college, working, or in a personal transition to continue their training past student level and continue training, learning, growing and performing. If accepted all classes and rehearsals are FREE.

Company member requirements:

• Dancers must be 18 - 28 years of age

• Ballet and contemporary training required, 

Acrobatics experience highly recommended, but not required.

• submission of an audition video with A Ballet, and Jazz or Contemporary combination to - Audition Dress Code: black leotard, pink convertible tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in secure bun.

• All pre-professional members will be required to take a minimum of  2 technique classes (as specified by director a week).  All required rehearsals and classes are FREE to pre-professional members company members. 

• All members are required to attend all scheduled rehearsals throughout the summer as well as weekly and occasional weekend rehearsals during the dance season.

Reality Dance Competitive Team(s): Mini team, Jr team, Teen/Sr team

• Enroll in Ballet, Pointe( if applicable), Acrobatics, Jazz and Team technique classes during the summer and regular dance season

• Attend Reality Dance Studio Summer Dance Intensive

• All members are required to attend all scheduled rehearsals throughout the summer as well as weekly and occasional weekend rehearsals during the dance season.

* Contracts with more detailed guidelines and requirements will be available upon acceptance 

Members ofthe REDC 2019-2020 

Nicole Woodcock is an alumni of Reality Dance Studio and is looking forward to beginning this journey as a member of Reality Elite Dance Company. Nicole is entering her second year at The University of Albany, where she is completing a Master’s degree in Education to become an English as a New Language teacher. Prior to this, Nicole earned a Bachelor's degree in both Dance and Therapeutic Recreation from SUNY Brockport. During her time at Reality Dance Studio, Nicole’s pre-professional training lead to acceptances into prestigious summer intensives such as the American Academy of Ballet, Syracuse Summer Dance Intensive, NYSSSA Modern, the Cecchetti Council of America, the Saratoga Summer Dance Intensive, and the Joffrey Ballet School; as well as performances in New York City Ballet’s productions of Firebird and Circus Polka. Nicole also danced the role of Sugar Plum Fairy in two of Reality’s inaugural productions of The Nutcracker. At SUNY Brockport, Nicole was selected by audition to perform in departmental shows on campus and professional shows off-campus, and was a part of the select dance ensemble, Chamber Ballet Brockport, a pre-professional touring ballet group that does volunteer appearances, educational outreach programs, and company repertoire performances. Nicole performed in educational and interscholastic research conferences including Brockport Scholars’ Day and the SUNY Undergraduate Research Conference. Nicole has also interned with various professional dance intensives including Doug Varone and Dancers and David Dorfman Dance. During her time at Brockport, Nicole received three awards from the Brockport College Dance Department as well as a full scholarship to attend the American College Dance Association Conference. Most recently, Nicole traveled to Guatemala to become a certified yoga instructor in hatha and vinyasa flow. Nicole is honored to a part of this journey with Reality Elite Dance Company and is delighted to continue pursuing her passion.

Emily Erdman began her dance training at the age of five. She started training with Caroline Beaty when she was eight. Caroline continued to foster Emily’s love of ballet and encouraged her to try other styles of dance. Emily has studied ballet, pointe, jazz, modern, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, and tap. Emily has studied and has taken student exams for Cecchetti grades I-V receiving high marks. Emily was on the competition team for Reality Dance Studio for two years before she graduating. This gave her the opportunity to not only dance competitively, but also to perform for her community at local sporting events and Boo to You. During Emily’s time as a student at Reality Dance Studio she participated in the Nutcracker performing various roles from Reed Flute Soloist, to Dew Drop, to Clara. Emily was first given the chance to teach her senior year and she fell in love with being able to share her love of dance with the next generation. After graduating high school she went away to college at Bridgewater State University to study history.  After a year there Emily decided it was a positive decision for her to return home transferring to SUNY Empire State University. This was a very rewarding choice as she was not only able to be closer to her family, but was able to start teaching again.

Emily finds each year more rewarding than the last as she is able to learn new ways to teach, she is met with new challenges, and is able to hopefully instill a love for dance in each new class. This is Emily’s fifth year teaching at Reality Dance Studio. When she is not working, Emily enjoys spending time with her mom, shopping, and reading.

Skyler Collins is a graduating Senior from Lake George High School. She began her dance training at the age of six under the direction of Caroline Beaty. Her dance training includes; Ballet, Pointe, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Lyrical, Acrobatics, Hip Hop, Tap and Musical Theater. Skyler’s core training comes from her years as an accredited Cecchetti Ballet student, where she received high scores on her certified national Cecchetti exams. As a member of the Reality Dance Studios competitive teams, Skyler has received top over-all rankings in various regional dance competitions, with the highest possible adjudication scores and many invitations to nationals. Skyler has been a member of the Reality Dance Studio’s ballet company participating for years with lead roles in annual Nutcrackers such as; Clara, Arabian, Snow Queen, and Dew Drop. In addition to this Skyler was selected by audition two summers in a row to perform with New York City Ballet at SPAC. She was also selected by audition for the Joffrey ballet school of dance summer intensive. When Skyler is not dancing she is pursuing her love for the arts and other performance opportunities. Skyler has been in the National American Miss pageant four times of which she placed top 5 every year, and received awards for “top talent’ and “Most Photogenic.” Recently, Skyler choreographed and performed in a tribute piece for her high school dedicated the loss of a local community member.  Skylers other passions include singing and bringing awareness to children with special needs. Skyler has participated in the Special Olympics in honor of her little brother Kolton. Skyler is undeclared at the moment, but will be continuing her education by enrolling in college courses at SUNY Adirondack. She hopes to continue her passions of dance and performing as a member of the Reality Elite Dance Company, as well as continue to find ways to help bring awareness and contribute to children with special needs.

Mahogany Akita started her dance training at the age of 5 at Saratoga City Ballet, where she trained rigorously in classical ballet. After years of serious ballet training she wanted to explore as many styles of dance as possible and enrolled at Reality Dance Studio, where she trained in ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Acrobatics, Contemporary and Tap. Mahogany was accepted by audition and given full Scholarship to attend the prestigious NYSSA Modern Dance summer intensive for two consecutive summers. At NYSSA Mahogany had the privilege of training with Robert Battle (artistic director of Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, Carolyn Adams (of Paul Taylor Dance Company) and Erika Pujik (Juilliard Alumni). In Addition to NYSSA, she was also accepted by audition and given full scholarship to train at Urbanity Summer Intensive in Boston. At Urbanity Summer Intensive she had the honor of working with Alison Merril (World of Dance season) and Ellenore Scott of (So You think You can Dance and current Broadway choreographer). Mahogany was accepted by audition to dance with NYCB at SPAC for 3 summers in: “A Midsummers night dream”, “Firebird” and “Circus Polka”. In addition to this Mahogany has had the opportunity to dance with Saratoga City Ballet and Reality Dance Studios annual Nutcrackers with leading roles such as; Spanish and Snow Queen. She has also danced for ArtsFest “Shakespeare in the Pines” and for the SPAC Ballet Gala “Ballet in City”. Mahogany's love for performing and the arts has also led her to opportunities in theater, print and Pageants. She has participated in many local theater shows including: Saratoga’s Children’s Theater “Legally Blonde” and “Oklahoma”, as well as Lake George High Schools productions “We Will Rock You” and “Young Frankenstein”. Mahogany was also selected to be in a music video for local artist “Far”. She has also been a participant in local pageants “Beauty and Talent” and won “Miss Elkdom” in 2018. Mahogany has been accepted to Fordham University but will be taking time to save money and work. Mahogany plans to pursue a career training in dance and the arts. She is currently teaching and choreographing and will continue training locally in programs like the Reality Elite Dance Company (REDC).

Why dance with the REDC team?

Besides receiving the best possible instruction, attention, support and mentorship for personal development and growth as a dancer, REDC members receive many “perks”

There are many other competition teams in the area, but REDC is simply unbeatable! Not only is this teams a proven winner on the competition circuit, but REDC offers perks and benefits that are second to none.

Professional directors: Our directors were competitive dancers as kids and have degrees and certifications in dance.

Quality training: We aren't striving to develop competition dancers, we are striving to develop professional dancers. You won't spend endless hours learning and practicing dance tricks, although we do offer those classes, but you will spend the necessary time to master proper technique, strengthen your core, improve your flexibility and develop musicality.

Learn to be an artist: Our dancers stand out in competition because they know how to bring an emotion and authentic expression to their dance. This is a skill that is not easily taught or learned, but we know what it takes! When you watch REDC perform, you will feel, not just see, them dance.

Special master classes: We bring instructors to train our dancers in the new methods that will help them grow. At times, we have special guests teach classes to challenge dancers with something new.

Drama free: We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for drama in the studio. If it surfaces it is quickly “nipped in the bud.” We stress camaraderie, respect and teamwork at all times!

Give back: REDC not only competes, but we perform at community events to bring awareness about certain issues or to entertain a crowd. REDC members may log these hours for community service goals.

Learn to teach: Many REDC members have become assistant teachers and even teachers within our studio!

Win!: Last but not least, you will get to reap the rewards of all your hard work when REDC wins at competitions! Although we certainly cannot guarantee this will happen, we have the recipe for success and our chances are very good if everyone works hard!

REDC Letter of Commitment 2019-2020

This Document outlines the commitments of a member of the Reality Elite Dance Company (REDC)

Dancer’s pledge

I commit to dedicating 100% of my energy and willpower each time I walk through the studio doors.
I commit to trusting my teachers, my fellow team members and most importantly myself.
I commit to treating each fellow team member with love and respect.

R.E.D.C. - Reality Elite Dance Company

     Reality Elite Dance Company (REDC) is now a competitive dance team for dancers aged 6 and up. Students who are identified by the director through summer boot camp sessions as prospective members will be invited to join the team. Both the member and both parents are required to sign a contract which commits them to taking specified classes and attending specified competitions, workshops and other events for a 12 month period starting in June.

Membership will now be reevaluated each year based on the student’s contribution to the team in the form of his or her commitment, participation, integrity and mature, respectful interactions with fellow members, teachers and the director.

     Company members take dance classes Monday through Friday 10 to 15 hours per week, with core classes in ballet, pointe (if approved), jazz and contemporary. Mini company members take 6-9 hours of class per week.  Elective classes in Acro, hip hop, and tap are suggested but not mandatory. Some weekend rehearsals will also be required, advance notice will be given.

REDC Mini, Junior, Teen and Senior teams will attend three competitions in the spring between January and May.

For students who are talented, serious, dedicated and excited about dance belonging to REDC means getting a chance to develop their technique quickly and correctly through intense focus and practice. With that, their poise, sense of artistry,self confidence and self discipline will also grow.

Belonging to REDC also means working well with a team. Good sportsmanship, peer support, polite manners, integrity and age-appropriate maturity are expected. This positive attitude, combined with hard work and a significant investment of time, results in a strong bond between Company members. We think you will form genuine friendships here that will last a lifetime.


Mini Company - Dancers aged 6 through 9 (by January 1, 2019) who have had at least one year of dance class (ballet) and who were privately invited by the Company director or accepted through an audition process (mini dancer intensive). Members must take a ballet, a jazz/contemporary technique classes each week as well as the Mini team REDC class as well as extra rehearsals in groups of 1 to 2 hours per week.

Junior Company - Dancers aged 10 through 12 (by January 1, 2019) who are accepted through private recommendation by a teacher or through the auditions process. Junior Company takes at least one ballet, one contemporary, one jazz and one pointe class (if approved) through the studio as well as Junior team REDC classes in ballet, contemporary/jazz. Must account for extra rehearsals in groups of 1 to 2 hours per week.

Teen Company – Dancers aged 13 through 15 (by January 1, 2019) – same requirements as junior Company.

Senior Company – Dancers aged 15 and up (by January 1, 2019) – same requirements as junior Company.

Dancer Obligations

Attendance Policy

Each dancer is required to attend all scheduled classes (jazz, ballet and team) on time. I understand that emergencies happen and things come up. Semesters run September through November, December through February and March through May. Summer instruction is June through August. Excused absences must be approved in advance by your instructor with as much notice as possible. In emergency events please notify your instructor as quickly as possible through the studio office at (518) 792-2800. No absences will be permitted during competition season. Competitions season begins one month prior to our first competition and ends with the last competition. If a dancer has an emergency or illness that requires them to miss a team class it is their responsibility to learn any missed choreography from a fellow team member prior to the next class. No unexcused absences are permitted and may result in being pulled from competition routines and/or suspension/dismissal from the team. It is imperative that dancers arrive to class on time so that they can properly warm up their bodies to avoid injuries. Please plan on arriving at least 10 minutes early for class so that dancers may it on proper attire and be ready to begin class on time. If a dancer arrives late to class (more than 10 minutes), they will only be allowed to observe and take notes. Two tardiness will count as an absence.


Once you have missed two classes in a trimester you will be notified via email that you won’t be allowed any more absences. If you are absent again you will be put on probation and may not be allowed to compete with the team. Any unexcused absence will result in automatic suspension and may result in being pulled from dances for competition or performance. More than one unexcused absence may result in dismissal from the dance team and is at the discretion of Caroline and the instructors. If a dancer is pulled from any dance orris issued from the team no refunds will be given for tuition, costumes, recital fees, or competition fees that have been paid for up until that point.

Three Strike Policy

All team members are required to follow a three strike policy. The policy works as follows: If a dancer or parent talks badly about another dancer, parent, staff member or any of the REDC family whether in conversation or on social media sites of any kind they will be issued a strike. Strikes will also be issued foray behavior that does not promote team unity. If a strike must be issued the dancer and their parent will be notified by Caroline and each situation will be handled on an individual basis. After three strikes, the dancer will be asked to leave the team. We do not want this to happen to any of our dancers so let's keep ourselves in check! Please note that this rule applies at school and away from dance – wherever you go. This rule also applies to parents. If a dancer’s parent is heard spreading ill will about another dancer, then her dancer will unfortunately have to take the strike. This policy is not intended to punish anyone but is meant to help raise the moral at the studio and create a safe environment for our dancers.

Financial Policy: There will be financial consequences of leaving a team early. Although this would be painful for all of us and we hate the thought of loosing any dancer, there are repercussions for leaving a team before the year is through. Because of the cost associated with re-choreographing a number there is a financial penalty for leaving a team before the year is done. There will be a $300 fee assessed to any member quitting or being removed from the team before the spring recital.

Dress Code

The purpose of a dress code is not just professionalism but as a tool for teachers to better see technique and choreography cleanliness. It has been a struggle for years for students to follow proper dress code with hair, leotard and tights so we are going to make it easier.

EACH level for REDC members will be required to purchase from us their own colored and styled leotards that must be worn to every REDC class and rehearsal. If desired you may purchase more than one for convenience. If your dancer is not wearing the proper leotard they will not be allowed into classes or rehearsals. This will result in an absence.


Hair must always be in a bun unless specified by the instructor. Dancers will be asked to leave class until hair is put up correctly.


All dance shoes should be with your dancer for each rehearsal. “I left my shoes in my other bag” will no longer be tolerated. A dancer without proper shoes will not be allowed into rehearsal. This will result in an absence.


It is mandatory that EVERY member of the REDC team has a complete uniform, jacket and pants. Uniforms will be ordered in the fall. If your dancer is new to the team or simply needs a replacement of either piece please contact the office. It is competition etiquette and team policy

that when your dancer is not in costume they be in full uniform at all times. This includes (but is not limited to) sitting in the audience and during the awards ceremony. This also includes public performances and fundraisers.

Dancers will be fined $20.00 for each time they do not comply to this requirement unless cleared by the director for special circumstances.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition due on dates are listed on the studio calendar. Tuition is the fee due for the student/dancer to take studio/competition classes but DOES NOT include any entry fees for competition, misc competition fees, solo fees, extra or private rehearsals, costume fees, etc. Tuition collection will be for a one week period. Our due date will be listed as a Monday, however your tuition will be due on the first day your dancer has class that week. For example, if your dancer has class Wednesday and Thursday your tuition will be due by Wednessday of the “due date week.”