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2019 -2020  Fall Schedule


Things to know prior to registration at Reality Dance Studio.

1. All dancers are required to be enrolled in their level Ballet class first and foremost. This applies for all classes INCLUDING Hip Hop.
2. Classes are first come first serve and limited in size. We will have a wait list if there are any openings for second semester.
3. We have a dress code. Dancers not in dress code will not be permitted into classes.
4. We have an attendance policy and are at risk of being taken out of choreography if they miss to many classes (see complete contract for amount and specifications).  If dancers miss class the week of a show, dress rehearsal, or a show they will not be allowed to perform in any or remaining shows.
5. Parents are responsible for all communications with studio. It is a requirement to be on the remind app and email list.
6. Payment for first semester is due at time of registration. There are NO refunds as your spot could have been another dancers due to limited class sizes.



The student contract is an agreement between Reality Dance Studio (RDS) and the student named on the contract from September through June annually. Holidays and closings as designated on the studio calendar are not included in the calendared school year classes. Students agree to remain enrolled for the length of the entire period, but will be released from further tuition obligation if unavoidable reason (reason must be given) for termination of classes arises, with written notice given to the office anticipating withdrawal with notice.

The annual non-refundable registration fee is $15.00 per student/family. This is an annual fee paid upon registration. Registration requirements are that each dancer/family meet with our office to ensure they properly understand any new changes and are registered and placed into correct classes.

The tuition for a full trimester is required and must be paid before the first class of each trimester. Payment may be made in cash or check only. There will be a $25 penalty fee for returned checks. All tuition fees paid or outstanding are non-refundable in the event of absence, withdrawal or dismissal of student from the school, unless written notification has been accepted.

No bills or statements are sent, but reminders are e-mailed and texted to all families when tuitions and payments of any kind are due.

All dancers are expected to participate in the ENTIRE 3 trimesters. Only students that have been enrolled the entire year will be permitted to be in our spring recital. We will allow anyone to join our classes, but again-late enrollment will not be invited to participate in our spring recital. Exceptions will only be made if the dancer joins no later than the 2nd trimester and dancer’s parent is willing today the past semester’s fees that the dancer has missed. Dancer’s joining mid semester will no longer be prorated.


 Due dates are listed on your studio calendar. Tuition is the fee due for the student/dancer to take studio classes but DOES NOT include any entry fees for competition, misc. competition fees, extra rehearsal or solo fees, costume fees, etc. Tuition collection will be for a one week period. Our due date will be listed as a Monday, however your tuition will be due on the first day your dancer has class that week. For example if your dancer has class Wednesday and Thursday your tuition will be due by Wednesday of the “due date week.”

Payments made after the students first day of class in the payment week will be subject to a 5% late fee on the balance due.
1-7 days late = 5% late fee of balance due
8-14 days late = 10% late fee of balance due

15-21 days late= 15% late fee of balance due
Additional days late will result in additional fees following this schedule

Reality Dance Studio will no longer be tolerating any late payments or partial payments as we have done in the past. This is a new policy and will not only apply to tuition but any outstanding payment: costumes, competition fees, etc.

Extended non-payment fees will result in termination of the student’s participation and back tuition will be pursued. Students may pay the year’s tuition upon registration in full if they wish. Early discounted registration may be applied. No refunds will be issued to unlimited program participants.

NOTE: We make it mandatory that EVERY family be on our email list and text (Remind) app to ensure that they are notified at time payments are due.

Attendance Policy:

Attendance is taken at each class. Good attendance is imperative, as absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class. If a student has missed two classes in a month, the instructor will notify the parent if a paid makeup lesson is necessary for the student to catch up. If a student absence becomes an ongoing issue a meeting will be scheduled with the director to discuss appropriate options. Please make every effort to have your child at every class.

Excessive absences could result in removal from recital piece Dress rehearsals are mandatory for recital participation

Sitting out: If a student is unable to dance but is feeling well enough to attend class, we expect them to participate by observing so that they will retain key elements of class. Students who feel ill, have a fever, or are exhibiting “contagious” cold/flu symptoms should stay home and rest. Cases of prolonged absence due to illness or injury should be discussed with the teacher or director.

Snow or bad weather: RDS generally follows the school closings for inclement weather. In the event that we will be closing the studio for safety reasons a text through the “Remind” app will be sent out. We will allow up to two snow days per class. In the event that a class is cancelled a 3rd time for weather we will hold a make up class During the spring trimester. All students are required to attend their snow day make up class.

Holidays and school vacations: Holiday dates will be posted on your studio calendar. Please keep track of your studio calendar. Other cancellations due to competitions or other out of town events will also be posted in advance.

Text notifications: We require all families to sign up for our text reminders. You do not need to download the app to receive our messages. Simply send a text to 810-10 with the message @REALITYDS and follow the prompts as you receive them.

Class placement: Dancers will be placed in levels by AGE only. Please do not ask for your dancer to be moved into higher levels. If necessary the director may move a child due to ability, however this will be rare.

It is important to know that dance training is a lifetime of repetition. The science of dance is simple, we use repetition to lengthen larger muscles and repetition to strengthen smaller muscles. While you might think your dancer is learning something over and over, that is the point. Here at Reality Dance Studio we focus on the small details that make our dancer’s technique the best in the area. Technique is the hardest part of dance training. It’s not about learning choreography or steps, it is the progression of muscle development and alignment a dancer has while executing a step. This is often a difficult concept for young dancers to understand which in turn sometimes makes it even harder for parents, but please trust us.

A favorite quote of our director is:
“The beginner student wants to take the intermediate class. The intermediate student wants to take the advanced class. The advanced student wants to work with the professionals. The professionals want to go back to the basics.” - Unknown

Class observation: Parents are NOT allowed in any classroom at any time. This includes but is not limited to private lessons. Although it may have been allowed in the past I have found it to before of a distraction to both the dancer and the instructor. If the studio door is open at the end of a class or session or if the teacher comes to collect parents to watch the class, this is OK.But no one shall enter a classroom without permission from the classes teacher (even if the door is open).

Siblings: Siblings waiting at the studio during class MUST BE SUPERVISED. Please remind the young ones to stay quietly in the waiting area and not to disrupt any classes.

Lost and Found: RDS and it’s faculty are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please label all dance shoes and any other items that you bring in. Should you leave an item behind please check our lost and found bin located in the dancer’s dressing/break room. Please do not contact the office looking for your lost items.

Pick Up/Drop Off: The studio doors will remain locked until 15 minutes prior to the first class. All dancers should arrive approximately 10 minutes before their first class. Students arriving 15 minutes late will be asked to observe and may not be allowed to participate in class. Remember, dancers need adequate time to physically and mentally prepare for the demands of dance class.

PLEASE be prompt when picking up your dancers. Know their schedule! Please remember that RDS is not a hang out for students/dancers or parents but it is a place of business.

Although the office is an inviting space – please limit your visits to studio business only. This is a faculty space and should not be used as a hang out for parents or students, ever.

Office hours: Monday – Thursday 3:45 – 5:30 pm
Please make all payments or any office visits during these times only. You may also drop any payments in our locked mailbox outside studio 1. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANY PAYMENTS OR PAPERWORK ON THE OFFICE DESK

Recital: RDS holds an annual spring recital “Dancing in the Spotlight” around the middle of May every year. Recital will be held at the Charles R Wood Theater in Glens Falls. Dates for this event will be on your studio calendar. It is up to parents/guardians to make sure they do not schedule any other events during this time that may interrupt the dancers’ performance dates. As the show approaches tickets will be available at the Wood Theater box office and at Parent volunteers may be requested during some shows.

Dress Code

we are Registered at Saratoga Dance where they specialize in professional fittings!

Saratoga Dance Etc.
55 Church Street
Saratoga Springs, New York 12866

Phone: (518) 584-8690
Fax: (518) 306-6890

Hours of operation (EST):
Monday through Friday: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Sunday: 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

No jewelry will be permitted in any dance class. Stud earrings are the only exception.

*For recital we ask parents to purchase shoes and tights through Saratoga Dance. EVERYONE MUST MATCH, RDS is registered there. Please let Saratoga Dance know you are from Reality Dance Studio and they will make sure that you have the right items.

Children’s Combo, Ballet I, II, III, IV, V and Pointe – All dancers MUST wear their hair in a BUN! Pink tights and black leotards are now REQUIRED for these classes. Shoes should be either canvas or leather split sole either Bloch or Capezio.

Jazz I, II, III, IV, V and Contemporary – Hair should be in a BUN! Black leotard, pink or tan convertible tights are allowed. Solid black leggings will be permitted, no prints or colors. No shirts. Tan Bloch jazz shoes must be worn. Tan convertible tights and tan jazz shoes will be required for recital.

Acro I, II, III, IV and V – Hair needs to be secured off face and neck, ponytail or bun (bun preferred for longer hair). Black leotard and solid black leggings. No shirts. Tan convertible tights will be required for recital.

Tap I, II, III, IV and V – Hair should be in a BUN! Black leotard and solid black leggings are allowed. Tan Bloch “U heel” tap shoes and tan tights will be required for recital.

Hip Hop Hair must be secured off face and neck. Wear something comfortable that you can

move in – NO JEANS. Indoor sneakers are required (do not wear your hip hop sneakers outside).

Pre-school – Dancers must wear tights, leotard and proper shoes. Pre-school dancers are encouraged to add colored leotards, skirts or tutus. Hair should be pulled off face. Pink tights will be required for recital. 


*No one is allowed in class other than dancers and studio staff
*There should not be any tumbling in the hallways – EVER – this includes siblings that are

waiting during classes
*Students should have a water bottle handy for small drink breaks – it is important that dancers stay hydrated throughout class
*Dancers are to be picked up promptly following classes
*Dancers should not leave studio in between classes or during “breaks” without a parent/guardian or permission from parent/guardian
*Dancers or parents should call the studio phone no less than 2 hours before class if a student will be absent for any reason.
*Dancers and parents should not contact any studio staff regarding studio business via staff’s personal phone or social media. All studio correspondence should go through the main studio phone, studio email or the remind text.
*Help keep the studio clean. Clean up your own garbage and take your food with you. *Bullying, gossip, obscene language or inappropriate conversations will not be tolerated by dancers or parents.
*No running, yelling or rough playing. This includes siblings that are waiting during classes *No touching/handling possessions of other dancers without permission.
*Be respectful to studio items including but not limited to equipment, furniture, décor, etc. *MOST IMPORTANTLY: PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF MISS ODETTE – SHE IS FRAGILE AND SHE IS NOT A TOY


*No gum chewing in ANY class
*Hair must be secured off of neck and face in all classes
*No toys or jewelry in dance class
*Dancers should use restroom before class
*Shoes and proper dance attire is required
*Do not have frequent absences
*No cell phones in the studio rooms (please keep them in your dance bag)
*Be respectful and kind to instructors, peers and staff
*Do not talk during class unless you are asking a question
*Be willing to try a new dance or move. Put positive energy into your dance class.
*No leaning, lounging or hanging on the ballet barres
*Clap at the end of class to show respect for yourself, your fellow dancers and the instructor
*If injured, tell the instructor prior to class. You may be instructed to modify moves for the day or just observe.
*If Ill, do not come to class.
*If you need to leave early, notify instructor prior to class

RDS believes that good dance etiquette is of equal importance to good dance technique.