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     Reality Dance Studio 

is an exciting new dance studio that offers dance instruction to children, and teens. Classes for children and teens are on a registration schedule. Please register as soon as possible, because classes are limited in size and are on a first come first serve basis.  The curriculum will focus on competitive and recreational dances, There is something for everyone!

Reality Dance Studio offers the highest quality of dance education through standardized curriculum taught by professionals. We offer professional training and classes in classical ballet, modern, tap, hip-hop, acrobatics, jazz, lyrical, contemporary and more. We have classes for all ages and levels of experience. Our faculty includes several highly qualified professionals as well as a number of carefully-chosen student teachers and assistants. We provide multiple performance opportunities for our student dancers. These include our annual Boo to You publicity Show is Downtown Glens Falls, annual Nutcracker, competitive dance team (Reality Elite Dance Company), and our annual spring Recitals. The Mission at Reality Dance Studio is to provide dancers with the highest possible caliber of training and performance opportunities. Our main objective is to create young professional dancers. 

A dream is a precious gift. I want to help make your dancers dream a reality.


 Reality Dance Studio Overview


* All registered students at Reality Dance Studio must be enrolled in their level Ballet Class - No EXCEPTIONS!

At Reality Dance Studio, we want to steer every parent in the right direction when you begin bringing your child to our dance school.  We recommend that EVERY student take ballet in addition to their other classes from the very beginning of their training.  Technique begins in the ballet class, and from there students will find much greater success in other art forms such as jazz, lyrical, tap, modern, acrobatics and hip hop.  In light of this fact, all advanced jazz students will be required to take ballet.  This is to ensure that every student in an advanced class is properly trained and ready for the challenges that will be presented to them.  



  1. •Registration for the year begins in August.  At that time, you may call or come in to register for your classes.  Early registration is encouraged, as classes are limited in size and are on a first come first serve basis.
  2. •A $15 non-refundable fee will be due at the time of registration (one fee per family).  Dancers will not be placed on the class list until payment is received.
  3. •We accept all students who will be 3 years old by September 1 of the year you are registering.  Most 3 and 4 year olds are placed in pre-dance. 
  4. •Our dance year begins in September and ends in June.


At Reality Dance Studio, the instructors make all decisions regarding class placement and advancement.  Please remember that we are professionals and watch your dancers and their progression on a daily basis.  Hard work, ability, and dedication are all factors considered for placement.



  1. •All students who participate in a ballet class are given the opportunity to perform in our production of the “Nutcracker” during the month of December.  NOTE: this does not include pre-ballet students.
  2. •Costumes and accessories for the “Nutcracker” are usually provided by the studio, while parents are left to buy a leotard that averages $20.00.
  3. •ALL students participate in our June recital.
  4. •Costumes are ordered for the recital in the month of December.  Prices for recital costumes generally range in price from $50.00 to $70.00 per class.  ALL tuition must be paid for the year before you may take your costumes home.
  5. •Recital videos, pictures, and t-shirts will all available for purchase.



If Queensbury Public Schools close for inclement weather days, then the studio closes also.

The studio may also close if the weather deteriorates during the day before dance begins.  Check our Facebook page for updates on closings.



“What is the Cecchetti Method of training? It is a rigorous system drawn up with careful regard for the laws of anatomy, and it is designed to endow the human body with all those qualities essential to the dancer...balance, poise, strength, elevation, elasticity, "ballon" and so forth.” (  

Some dancers may choose to participate in Cecchetti classes around the age of 8.  The Cecchetti method of ballet is highly recommended for all students who wish to become serious and proficient in the art of dance.  Cecchetti is a graded syllabus, containing 7 grades that students must excel at before passing to the next grade.  The primary goal of the Cecchetti Method is that the student shall not learn to dance by trying to imitate the movements executed by her teacher, but shall learn to dance by studying the basic principles which govern the art, and to become completely self-reliant.



At Reality Dance Studio we offer competition classes for the serious dancer that would like to expand and refine their skills.  Competition involvement is through audition only.  Inquire upon registration and visit the R.E.D.C. tab.